Jack Ng, President

Jack_char.jpg (13166 bytes)Jack has been a key architect and solutions designer for many of the major networks in Southern California. As Computer Special Systems Specialist for the Digital Equipment Corporation, Jack dealt with bet your business networks for over a decade. Prior to joining forces with i.LAN Systems, Jack lead a team of technical specialists with hands on experience in configuring and installing multiprotocol, multinetwork systems linking geographically separated UNIX, PC and mainframe systems into effective real world production environments. As an Electrical Engineer specializing in the more demanding aspects of network design and architecture, Jack and his team have developed a reputation as the folks to call when others have failed and when your business is on the line; security issues including the construction of firewalls and the stress testing of computer security designs are an arena of special competency. 
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Tom Reynolds, Emeritus-Member of iLAN Founders

Tom_char.jpg (12035 bytes)As co-founder of iLAN Systems, Tom assembled a team of cross disciplinary experts to provide internetworking service solutions to corporations seeking competitive advantage through effective use of internetworking and data communications technology. Tom's credentials include a decade of experience as the Southern California networking guru for Digital Equipment Corporation, and a strong network engineering track record, having designed and integrated many WAN and LAN systems for mission critical applications. In addition to his entrepreneurial skills, evidenced by the three successful computer services and integration corporations that he founded, Tom is a frequent speaker for the Digital Equipment Corporation User Society ( DECUS ) and the Novell Netware Professional Association. Under his leadership, iLAN Systems developed into a showcase services business-- utilizing high speed networking and leading edge computing systems to create a virtual corporation whose geographically dispersed employees deliver world-class solutions to corporations throughout the Southwest.