NetEQualityTM Network Baselining
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  • NetEQualityTM Network Baselining is your technician in a black box - a technician that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - for a pittance!

Description: NetEQualityTM Network Baseline

Application #1: Free on-site staff from responding to network alarms that are spurious or non-critical, allowing them to focus only on critical problems.

Application #2: Faster network problem resolution. Provides early warning of network problems through extensive baseline and alarm technology.

Application #3: Management visibility of network performance. Reports network and application performance against baselines and service level agreement.

Application #4: Differentiate network, server and application bottlenecks. Measures network from multiple locations. Develops baselines of network, server and application performance.

Synopsis: Network Management, 24 hour service. Provides complete monitoring of network components (SNMP, RMON1), servers (SNMP, WINNT), LANS (RMON1), circuits (SNMP), interfaces (ICMP, TCP/IP Socket) applications {DNS, DHCP, ODBC, SQL, SMTP, WEB). Sets baselines, alarms and SLA's for all critical components. Network Operation Center Receives alarms 24x7 and triages into critical (notify customer via pager), important (notify customer via email), informational (include in monthly report) and spurious (discard).

Cost - $3500 (monthly charge)