Network Services

iLAN Systems specializes in network problem solving and recovery. From this core competency, additional services are available that support and extend that central capability. They include: 

Fault Isolation - This process has our trained personnel apply the specialized tools needed to quickly diagnose and repair LAN and WAN problems. These problems may run the gamut of local hardware failures to server software problems to incompatible protocols used within the common carrier environments on an international scale.

Network Auditing - This process examines a network "as is" and provides a baseline of knowledge about nodes, traffic patterns, etc. It is key information for assessing the network and for the follow on processes discussed below.

Needs Assessment - This process examines an organization's current and future processing needs. These requirements form the backbone of what the network must support today and later on into the future.

Capacity Planning - This process examines how much of what kind of capability will be needed to support a company's processing requirements. The company's functional needs comprise one focus of the plan. Technology trends and the directions the networking and communications industries are taking comprise the other.

Network Design - This process produces a design for a network robust enough to handle the company's needs for both today and tomorrow. It should also include provisions for disaster recovery as well. The more central a role the network plays in an organization's business processes, the more critical disaster recovery and risk management become. 
Key to this process is to deliver a design that will actually function should there be a disaster. This is especially difficult to do in a WAN environment where much of the network is off site and away from an end using company's control (i.e., at a common carrier's central site or communications network). 

Network Installation - This process implements the network design discussed above. This can be as simple as adding a new segment to an existing network, to extending the network to incorporate a new, remote office or as complex as completely setting up a new facility.

Network Support - These services provide routine network and server support. iLAN Systems can provide full or part time personnel on-site or, we can guarantee to be available for any emergencies within as little as two hours. 

Network Management - Installation of network monitoring equipment and software for local or remote monitoring is available. The company's network service provider or iLAN Systems, or both can perform the actual monitoring.

Guaranteed Network Performance - If desired, iLAN Systems can provide a company with guaranteed network performance. And, we will do this at a fixed price. This service delivers the benefits companies seek but rarely achieve when they outsource their network services capability. 

If you would like to see a presentation
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Desktop Support Services
In addition to network support services, iLAN Systems also offers to provide the same types of services at the desktop level. We can and do provide support for Apple Macintosh and Intel based platforms and related products from several to several thousand.

iLAN will use your support processes or custom craft a solution to meet your specific needs. This may range from responding to occasional trouble calls to providing an extensive, full time staff on-site. Our help desk capability is available if a company does not want to bear the cost to maintain its own internally. We can even provide hardware procurements, if desired. One client, Mr. T. Roche, Customer Service Manager, General Telephone and Electronics (GTE), was especially appreciative of this flexibility when he declared, "iLAN Systems is my favorite vendor."

In Summary
iLAN Systems is a full service networking company with an extensive client base and an enviable track record of solving difficult technical problems. (In the case of one bank, iLAN Systems succeeded when five preceding consulting firms had been unsuccessful.) iLAN also provides routine management and support services for both networks and desktops. We are dedicated to customer service. We will custom design a solution for almost any network or desktop problem or service needed. This extends into end user communities where training in popular products is available at a nominal cost per student.

For information on network services contact Jack Ng: phone 626.304.9021 x225