Wireless Intrusion Prevention


The Why: Rapid Growth of Corporate Wi-Fi

  • WLAN Moving from Verticals to Offices
    • Majority of laptops Wi-Fi-enabled
  • Departments Try “Starter” Solutions
    • Simple configurations
    • Minimal security, limited audit
    • Single vendor
  • Enterprise, Line-of-Business Have Deeper Needs
    • Multi-location, multi-vendor
    • Enterprise-scale management
    • Auditable security policies

The Need: Enterprise-Class Wireless Issues

  • Multivendor Networks
    • Diagnose network-wide issues
    • No forklift replacements
  • Policy Enforcement
    • Create, audit, escalate, notify, integrate
  • Enterprise Scale
  • Independent Audit
  • Best-of-Breed Security


The Solution: AirMagnet’s Enterprise Solutions 
for Enterprise-Class Customers

AirMagnet Product Lines

  • AirMagnet Enterprise 5.0

    • Enterprise-hardened wireless intrusion prevention

      • Intrusion Detection and Prevention

      • SmartEdge Architecture

      • 3D Rogue Control

      • Automated Intrusion Response

      • Full Disclosure Policy Management

      • Most Trusted Performance Toolset

  • AirMagnet Mobile Suite

    • Laptop Analyzer

      • Compliance Reports (Covers DoD, HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX)

      • Rogue Hunter

      • Well developed Alarms Display Points Out Specific Violations 
        and Problem Devices

      • 802.11a/b/g, plus 802.11e and Vo-Fi

    • Handheld Analyzer

      • Subset of Laptop Analyzer without Reports

    • AirMagnet Surveyor

      • Insure Proper Overall Signal Coverage

      • Determine Ideal AP Placement and Output Power

      • Pinpoint Areas of Noise and Channel Interference

      • Identify Client Roaming Areas

      • Emulate Client Experience in Terms of Speed, Retry, 
        and Packet Loss

      • Insure Adequate Bandwidth and Speed for any VLAN